Monday, June 25, 2012

The Color of Roses (part 2)

June is National Rose Month

We continue with the meaning of the colors of roses. In the past blog post we covered red, pink, yellow, white & blue. 

Orange: the color of desire and enthusiasm with an underlying message of passion and excitement. Send orange roses if someone's caught your eye and wait for the passion to ignite. 

It's a warm color that says, "I'm proud of you" or "proud to be with you."

The hues will vary from citrus to peach. The light the color, the more it represents a budding romance where the darker shade, a deep, passionate desire. 

When you're fascinated with someone or completely "bewitched," send them orange roses. 

Purple: Love at first site, enchantment. Perfect for the anniversary of your first meeting. It says, "I fall in love with you each time I see you!"

Purple is also the color of royalty, majesty and opulence. 

Lavender roses are rare and eye-catching. Send these if you're looking to get noticed. 

Though purple roses symbolize enchantment, they do not suggest permanence. 

The darker purple - almost black - is now a favorite of the "goth or gothic" look. 

Black: Just like blue roses, black roses are not found in nature. Dark purple or dark red roses are sometimes considered black and roses can be dyed any color. (Like the natural, yet rare one pictured)

Black roses may not be understood as a gift, but associated with anarchy, black magic and witchcraft. Either mix black roses with other rose colors or make sure you're conveying the right message.

Green: green roses are not abundant in nature - even though they'd be cool for St. Patrick's Day! 

Green roses symbolize fertility, richness, abundance and bounty (the color of money?) It also signifies life, abundant growth, constant rejuvenation of spirit, cheerfulness, self-respect and well-being. 

The color green is believed to impart a sense of balance, stability and peace to the mind. When you simply want to surprise or please someone, give them a green rose. 

Brown: You're probably thinking, brown? Yes, there are brown roses and they come in a variety of shades from russet, to coffee/latte to smokey to iced tea. 

Ladies, brown roses are great to show a man that you love him. Intimate and romantic, yet with a masculine appeal. They also convey a feeling of warmth and stability and can be used to thank someone for a job well done. 

So there you have them - all the colors of roses and shades in between! No matter what the "Treasured Occasion," we can help you send the right message to that right someone!

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